Monday, 20 July 2009


How to start learning Polish Language

Hi again! I am writing my post number 2. I have just created my blog but I think it's important to write something when you feel some ideas. So, I find I should start with a very important topic. It is the beginning of learning a language. Of course, I am going to write about Polish but you should remember that all ideas can apply to other languages as well.

First of all, you should start to listen to Polish language. It is worth mentioning that you have to listen to real Polish. I know that it is difficult to find a proper material, especially when you start. That is why, I'm writing this blog :). I want to help you with finding audio and other necessary stuff. If you want to learn Polish like a child you should first only listen. It is very good when you have a script for all audio you listen to. Just start with listening. You have to listen to the same material several times until you understand it. It helps you to acquaint yourself with Polish speech. At the very beginning you can listen to very short pieces. You can start even with audio which lasts about 30 seconds. Listen carefully and try to repeat words and phrases. You should exercise if you want to produce proper sounds. I know that you must know the meaning of what you hear. Of course, the best thing is to have some vocabulary translation. So, you can use a dictionary. It should help you a lot. And again listen and listen. When a child learns its native language first he/she listens to it a lot. Children don't speak immediately, they listen and then produce language. The same situation can be with you and it is really natural.

I'm going to create some simple audio and you will be allowed to try it. In the future I want to record movies and place them on YouTube. But now If you want to learn Polish Online you can visit my website where it is easy to start learning Polish Language with native speakers. It isn't totally free but it is possible to learn Polish in exchange for English, for example.

Hi everyone!

I know that Polish language isn't so popular like other languages but many people want to learn Polish. I know that learning a language for many students causes difficulties. Where does it come from? Of course, it is connected with bad methods of learning languages. That is why a lot of learners resign from studying foreign languages like Polish. Here I want to show you how to learn Polish. It would be also possible to use my clues for other languages. When I write this blog I practice my English and I am very happy of it. You also should be happy of your language learning becasue your motivation is really important. I hope that you will enjoy my posts and other stuff which I am going to place here. I am open to your questions and advice.